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Hear what leaders in the world of conservation are saying about "Raising America's Zoo"

Former U.S. House Representative Paul "Pete" McCloskey, Jr.

“Timely, heart-wrenching, and triumphant, Raising America’s Zoo is a compelling read for anyone interested in animal conservation. What Nick Arundel did to preserve the environment and animals will withstand many generations.”

Dr. Laurie Marker, Founder & Executive Director of Cheetah Conservation Fund

...a rich account of contributions zoos make to animal science and the efforts of dedicated staff to create caring relationships between humans and wildlife. Relayed in fascinating detail, this vital work may make all the difference between saving a species and the tragedy of extinction."

John Berry, former director of the National Zoo

With its in-depth research and personal details, Raising America’s Zoo shares the riveting story of gorillas, their influence, and the people who worked tirelessly to improve our understanding of the animals while developing entirely new tools to advance conservation in the twentieth century.”

Robert Lamb, former Executive Director, Friends of the National Zoo

In her remarkable book... Kara Arundel passionately narrates the story of how the hard work of zoo staff, dedicated volunteers and loyal donors transformed Smithsonian’s National Zoo into an institution focused on animal conservation and public education. The catalyst for this change began, in part, when a private citizen went to Africa to get two western lowland gorillas and then brought them to the zoo in Washington, D.C.” 

Benjamin B. Beck, phD Scientist Emeritus, Smithsonian

I highly recommend this book to readers interested in the culture and history of the nation’s capital, and those interested in zoos and environmental conservation."

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